Ultimate Enforcer
Forced Orgasm Tower with Sex Machine
Have your submissive partner stand and take it or lock yourself in for a seriously unique and intense pounding! This Ultimate Enforcer Orgasm Tower comes with a removable sex machine and provides the full package for dungeon torment and pleasure! This full set includes 1 tower, 1 sex machine, 2 premium silicone dildos, 1 collar, 2 wrist cuffs, 2 ankle cuffs, 5 carabiners, 1 fixed base with dildo adapter, 1 adjustable base with dildo adapter, 1 D-ring adapter. Made out of sturdy, strong, steel, the tower is easy to put together and has adjustable height and width! Adjust the width of the ankle or wrist bars, the height of the collar, and the height of the sex machine so you can enjoy custom sizing for anyone who is locked up! On the tower are 5 D-ring attachment points. Use the wrist cuffs on either side of the wrist bar to keep their hands and arms from moving. Use the ankle cuffs provided to spread their legs no matter how hard they get pounded. Attach their collar to the center attachment point to keep them from moving their head and neck. Once they're all strapped in, enjoy the powerful thrusting of the sex machine and tease and torment them as they're restrained! Have some fun and use both dongs on them at once! When you connect both of the base adapters, you can try out double penetration!

Measurements: Overall: 29.5 inches Length x 33.5 inches Width x 76.5 inches Height. Sex machine height adjusts from 9.5 inches to 26.5 inches (starting from base) & depth adjusts from 4 inches to 7 inches. Ankle bar width adjusts from 15.5 inches to 26.5 inches. Wrist bar width adjusts from 15.5 inches to 26.5 inches & height adjusts from 35 inches to 42 inches (starting from base). Collar height adjusts from 47.5 inches to 73.5 inches (starting from base).
Wrist cuffs adjust from 5.5 inches to 9.25 inches in circumference. Ankle cuffs adjust from 7.5 inches to 11.5 inches in circumference. Collar adjusts from 12 inches to 19 inches circumference.
Dildos: 7.2 inches insertable, 1.75 inches widest diameter, 2.4 inches thrust length.

Max weight limit: 265 lbs

Material: Tower: Steel, ABS plastic, vegan leather. Dildo: Silicone

Color: Tower: Black, Dildos: Light