Tied Up
Jute Bondage Rope 25ft
This natural jute rope is perfect for purists or naturalists who love the look and feel of natural fibers! Jute is strong, long lasting and has its own unique texture and smell. Its earthy scent and slightly rough, stimulating fibers can be pleasing to the nose and skin, creating an unparalleled rope bondage experience. As you practice shibari or kinbaku rope ties, the rope softens the more you use it and takes on the oil from your body and hands. Jute is similar to hemp and is a highly personal type of rope that some consider more intimate than synthetic fibers. This rope is twisted and coreless. It is less likely to slip than nylon or silk ropes so your knots stay in place as you tie up your partner.
As you prepare your rope, run the length of the rope through your hands, unkinking any knots and checking to make sure nothing has been caught up in the fibers that would scratch or harm your rope bottom or submissive. A pair of safety shears is on your belt or in a pocket so you can cut them free in case of an emergency. Keep your breath calm and allow some of your calmness to transfer to your partner as you move with sure, certain movements, tying them up slowly and deliberately. Instead of yanking or whipping the ropes around, let them drag across your partner's body, allowing them to get used to the slow, gradual sensation of the rope on their skin. As the rope meets the heat of their body, it releases some of its aroma and adds to the experience, a memory they will take with them beyond your time together.

Measurements: Length: 25 ft. Width: 6mm.

Material: Jute

Color: Undyed

Note: Rope bondage can be dangerous when done without guidance; be sure to take a class and learn how to tie safely and always have safety shears on hand to cut your partner free.