Submission Horse
Transform your space by adding a classic bondage bench as the centerpiece of your pleasure. The classic design and smooth, black, vegan friendly leather with bold metal accents stand out and invite you to give in to your darker desires. The smooth faux leather feels divine against bare skin as you indulge in devious play with your partner! Restrain them to the bench with cuffs that attach to any of the 6 attachment points. Tease and torment your submissive to your heart's delight by introducing different impact toys and play! This sturdy, wood and metal bench can handle up to 660 lbs so you both can hop on and enjoy each other. The padded cushions make it comfortable for you both to kneel, straddle or sit for sexy scenes! After play, simply wipe it clean until next time. All metal is nickel-free for sensitive skin.

Set up your scene and then have your partner climb onto the bench. Cuff their wrists and ankles then attach them to the bench. Experiment with sensation while blindfolding them. Use Wartenberg wheels, feathers, ice, or wax to heighten the experience. As they're on the bench, bare skin touching the smooth faux leather, give them some spankings to warm them up and get the blood flowing before harder impact play. Then it's time to make use of their excitement as their sensations have heightened. Use toys, hands or your own devices on their most sensitive spots while they are bent over or seated. As they reach the peak of pleasure, their thighs dripping wet, you can both enjoy the satisfaction that comes next!

Measurements: Overall: 38 inches Length x 29.5 inches Width x 27.5 inches Height. Saddle height: 9.5 inches. Knee support: 7 inches x 38 inches.

Max weight limit: 660 lbs

Material: PU leather, wood, foam, metal (Nickel free)

Color: Black