Scarlet Seduction
Lace-up Corset & Thong - Large
Indulge in this scarlet corset and thong and really embrace your seductive and sensual side! The corset is made out of polyester and spandex with steel boning and busk closures. The boning helps reinforce the structure and look of an hourglass shape while supporting you and your bosom or chest. The polyester corset is made up of scarlet fabric with black lace over it and black ribbons and ruffles that enhance the look and feel overall. The classic lace-up back gives you a custom fit and feel with smooth, silky ribbons that match the ruffles on the corset.
Slip into something sexy tonight! Step into the G-string and then grab the corset. Loosen the lace in the back as much as possible without undoing the cross threads, then open the corset up and wrap it around you so that the metal busk closures are on the front side. Start from the bottom and hook one busk closure at a time, slowly moving your way up until they are all hooked on and closed. Then, start to tighten the laces behind you. If you’ve got a friend or lover, ask them for help! If your love enjoys lacing you up, present your back to them and let them slowly tighten the corset until you feel a constriction around your waist and chest. You may be a little short of breath if it’s worn very tight.

Measurements: Chest: 37.5 - 39.5 inches, Waist: 28 - 29.5 inches

Material: Polyester, Spandex, steel

Color: Red, Black

Note:b> Panty size is ‘One Size Fits Most’.