9X Vibrating Silicone Dildo Flogger
Lash your lover one moment, and vibe them the next! The Vibra Lasher features a unique Dildo-Flogger design you won’t find anywhere else - give your partner a flog for their bad behavior and vibe them for a reward when they’ve earned it.
The silicone dildo handle is a joy to hold and squeeze, and even more fun to insert into your partner! Choose from 3 speeds and 6 patterns of vibration to pleasure yourself or your lover. The waterproof build of the Vibra-Lasher allows you to play with confidence if your session gets a little… wet. The elegant texture on the dildo handle provides an entrancing appearance and a pleasurable texture when inserted!
The Flogger falls are made with vegan friendly faux leather - durable with the perfect amount of weight to provide a satisfying strike without causing an uncomfortable amount of stimulation. Use in combination with other bondage toys for a more immersive experience!

Measurements: Overall length 20 inches. Insertable length 5.25 inches. Widest insertable diameter 1.25 inches

Material: Silicone, PU Leather, ABS Plastic

Color: Black