Spread 'Em Poker
Labia Clamp with Adjustable Pressure Screws
Spread her lips wide with this Spread 'Em Poker Labia Clamp! The clamps are made of durable, nickel-free, stainless steel. Feel free to use any lubricant with them and to cleanse them with boiling water and cleaning solutions between uses without harming the device. At the top and bottom are two compression screws that you can twist to close the clamps against the labia and cause the vulva to be on display. Along each side of the clamps are rows of 4 pinch screws -also known as pressure screws- that poke into the tender tissue of the labia. Use the allen wrench included to adjust the pinch screws until they are in the right place. Make adjustments to the pinch screws before clamping down; if the labia are already securely clamped the pinch screws will have enough pressure that each twist can potentially damage the tissue and nerves, so adjusting them beforehand keeps those nerves healthy so your bottom can enjoy the full extent of feeling every time you play!

Measurements: Innermost opening is 3.75 inches in length, 1.1 inches in diameter. Each side of the clamp opens to 0.6 inches in width

Material: Stainless steel

Color: Metal

Note:b> Adjust the pinch screws before placing them against the labia to reduce risk of tissue damage. Do not twist and turn while the screws are already pinching the skin.