Cock Dangler
Silicone Penis Strap with Weights
This dark dangler hangs from the corona so you can add weights to your shaft! Test your strength with 4 different steel weights ranging from 0.8oz (22g) to 2.2oz (62g)! The ring and ball holder cup are made from stretchy, phthalate-free, premium silicone. After use, simply wash with warm water and soap then spray with a toy cleaner before storing.

Show how strong you are with this dark dangler silicone wrap! Start with the lightest weight and place it inside the silicone ball cup so it fits snug. Then, take the ring and strap and stretch the ring so it fits over your shaft. Bring it above the head of your shaft and find a place where it feels tight, but not uncomfortable, then slowly let go of the weight and see how much you can lift on your own! Play with trying to lift your shaft while the weight is pulling down and explore using your PC (pubococcygeal) muscles as your shaft pulses in rhythmic sets! Once you’re done, let your penis rest and remove the silicone strap. If you experience any friction, use a very small amount of water based lube.

Measurements: Overall length: 5 inches, Ring diameter (unstretched): 1 inch. Weights: 2.2oz (62g), 1.7oz (49g), 1.2oz (34g), 0.8oz (22g)

Materials: Silicone, ABS plastic, steel

Color: Black