Titty Taunter
Nipple Clamps with Weighted Bead
Clamp onto your partners nipples and give it a good tug with the included weight bead! This Titty Taunter is best for couples who love their nipple play - the rubber tipped clamps provide a satisfying pinch without discomfort and the added pull of the weighted bead satisfies you sensitive nipples with every little movement! Adjust the pinch pressure with a twist of the screws! Tighten enough to keep these clamps on the nipple while the included 2.1 ounce bead pulls them downward - perfect for BDSM and bondage enthusiasts of all skill levels. The slim and smooth chain adds a flash of dungeon aesthetic, perfectly at home with other bondage accessories. Made with nickel free ingredients for a body safe experience!

Measurements: Overall length 15.3 inches, each nipple clamp chain is 5 inches long. Clamps open up to 0.5 inches wide. Bead weighs 2.1 ounces

Material: Chain and nipple clamps are made with Iron and Steel; Weighted Bead is made with Zinc Alloy.

Color: Black