The Pussy Spreader
Female Bondage Device
When engaging in hot bondage action, there are times when you want to bring their pussy into play. The Pussy Spreader allows you to take a set of attached clothespins and use them to spread the lips of the vagina wide. Then you can feel free to penetrate with a dildo, vibrator or whatever toy you choose. The Pussy Spreader is simple to use. Just detach the 6 clothespins from the center ring and put the ring to the side. Then place the circle around the vaginal area of your partner. Now take each clothespin and apply it to a section of your partners vaginal lips. Use the adjusters on the outer edge of the metal ring to situate the lips as wide apart as you wish. With your partner in this position, feel free to penetrate them deep with your favorite long dildo or stimulate her clitoris with a vibrator. The choices are totally up to you. You can clip the clothespins to the metal retaining ring to help keep its shape when not in use. It also can double as a cock ring!

Measurements: 10 inches in diameter

Material: Metal, wood

Color: Black

Note: Comes with metal pussy spreader, 6 clothespins, and metal retaining ring